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A sloppy Sandy is a process that involves sexual and non-sexual events. Steps in order:

1. Man performs anal sex and ejaculates inside woman's rectum.
2. The man sucks his semen out of the woman's butthole.
3. Man sucks jizz out of woman's ass
4. Man snowballs with the butt jizz.
5. Woman spits the semen on to her pussy.
6. Man vomits on her pussy.
7. Man ejaculates on her pussy again.
8. Woman vomits on her own pussy.
9. Man sprinkles rat turds on pussy
10. Make sure the woman is menstrating
11. Man eats out pussy
12. Man makes out with woman with the Sloppy Substance on his face.
13. Man shaves pussy and Sloppy Substance into a glass bowl.
14. Refrigerate
15. Make quesedilla's with Sloppy Sandy Mix.
16. Rinse and repeat
It took me an entire afternoon to perform a Sloppy Sandy on Lauren.
by Shawn Matson June 06, 2006
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