Someone who after indulging in large amounts of alcohol exhibits one or more of the following characteristics; loosing all sense of balance, loss of any sort of mental filter on their mouth, uses excessive cursing, performs lewd dancing, and is usually covered in whatever alcohol they were drinking. These people are usually fun to be around first but in the end are just an embarrassment.
Joe - "Yo man did you see that girl Megan last night?"
Steve - "Yea dude she is such a sloppy drunk, she bumped into me and spilled beer all over herself and then blamed it all on me."
by Jimmy Profs October 25, 2009
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One who talks, smells, and appears sloppy, while under the influence of alcohol.
My lord, Vahamaa got sloppy drunk off of whiskey last night.
by Chad r September 11, 2005
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