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When you´re telling or being told a story via facebook chat or other non-verbal instances and you realize the story needs to be told "live" in order to reach its full potential.
Tom: So today this totally awesome thing happened, I was walking along the street and suddenly, out of nowhere... Shit, I can´t explain it on chat. I need to skype it!

Julie: I really want to hear all about your first week at college! ur txt was so bland!
Catherine: It was AWESOME, CRAZY shit happened, we went to INSANE parties and stuff
Julie: ....I think you need to skype it.
by Skypechick January 28, 2011
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“Yo wanna facetime?” YEAh Skype it
Imma Skype it when you get home”
by deeemarcooo February 19, 2018
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