Cyber sex is best while having skype sex using the easiest free platform called Skype.
My muff mitten was trembling like a pregnant nun after skype sex and hours of skyping like this would leave any girl's beef curtains looking like a prostitute with the clap. With my dangling flaps now much like a badly battered housewife, he thought it was time to start pounding my prolapsed pipe. Is now the time to tell him I really need to blast a tapered nugget, I wondered?
by Thedurb November 28, 2019
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Two fat unattractive people waving their genetils at their respective webcams whilst talking dirty.
Dude, Alex and Johnny had skype sex last night.
by Logan_The_Badass December 15, 2015
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To have cybersex with someone over skype video chat
I skype sexed my Girlfrined while she was away in Ireland
by JT Dawg May 24, 2008
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Showing penus and vagena while rubbing/yanking together over the app Skype.
Omg I just totally had skype sex with that hot dude from the football team
by Dynexutie September 28, 2017
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When two people in a long distance relationship get in a fight and resolve it by haveing screen chat sex. Aka Skype sex, these types of activities are typically only seen by poeple inhabiting the state of New Jersey.
My girlfriend is pissed because she punched some dude in the face and got punched back and i didnt call after... so now i gotta have makeup skype sex with her
by thetwombler January 29, 2011
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