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A certain act of anal intercourse while falling out of a plane, in which the reciever has a case of rampant diarrhea, resulting in fecal matter being scattered about, covering his or her partner, any passing-by avian creatures- and in a few minutes time, the Earth below- in the unpleasant substance.

It has never been documented of anyone attempting the actual act, but the phrase is still used to describe situations that are messy, disastrous, confusing, or 'royally fucked up.'
My parents are gonna kill me. I threw this party last night, and now the place is a skyhigh shitfuck.
by nowyouseeme September 07, 2010
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Haveing anal sex while falling out of an airplane while the other person has Mud butt (see mud butt)
I totaly sky high shit fucked that chick from the bar the other day when we went sky diving, it got all over my clothes!
by Brodie2571 September 10, 2010
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