a partial mask covering one half of the face with an image of a skull jaw on it. often used by larping ethno-nationalists or in memes
*purple glitchy filter over image of person with a skull mask on, black bar over eyes saying something along the lines of "remember your heritage"*
by Mar00nKing December 20, 2020
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Skull masks are masks of any material (be it a mix of polyester, cotton wool, rubber, or actual bone) made in the shape or image of skulls. These are usually worn during Halloween as a gesture of spirited wonder or in honor to the festives of The Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos). These masks vary in how much they cover, from frontal to full headed to bottom half only.
However, in the recent years as of writing this entry, (that being 2019), skull masks have been making a wave of popularity in how edgy and cool they are, with people who possess a fascination with these types of masks expressively not wearing during the appropriate day of celebration.
As a result, people without these predilection (but with the same low leveled self-esteem, I assume) began to sneer at the skull mask wearers, assaulting their appeal with memes and shitposts designed to not-so-subtly hint at their popularity-induced uncoolness most frequently seen in those who stray away from the mainstreams.
It has not helped that skull masks are frequently worn by annoying, conventionally-attractive G-list celebrities, conventionally-unattractive people who listen to depressing music, Ramona Flowers wannabe egirls, and traps, which only fueled the internet meme assault machine.
Radiohead fan whose favorite song is "Creep": *has skull mask on in twitter avi* hey do you like Thom Yorke's short film, Anima?
Néstor Gonçalves: begone ignoramus, from thine post, for it and its poster's frequent patrons does not welcome thy kind's eyes or interaction. in fact, thou hast been looked down upon thy ilk for many a moons.
Radiohead fan whose favorite song is "Creep": aw man
Published Author from the 35th century: Skull masks being uncool and looked down upon does wondrous hipster damage to my soul.
by godspeed you! emerald cowboy October 27, 2019
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