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When you're fucking a chick in the ass (no lubrication; it needs to be raw and skrimpy), and squirt your man-plankton in her poo tunnel. Then, you suck that shit right out and make yourself a goddamn gumbo.

Fun Tips:
1. Use something novel to extract the goo. Crazy straws are neat, but try using a paper towel roll or a bike pump for maximum skrimpage.
2. When Skrimpin', it's important to remember to tenderize the ass whilst getting one's grind on. The end Skrimp texture is important.
3. In the poop shoot, your skrimp juice meets and mingles with her poo. Therefore, make sure she's only been eating pineapple and bologna for the previous month, to ensure maximum freshness.
"Hey there anonymous casual-acquaintaince, the six of us are gonna go have buttsex and then get something to eat. you in?"

"No thanks... I just been Skrimpin' on bitches."
by your uncle's poopy figers March 01, 2009
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When everybody in the place fighting for the corner spot on the L-lounge.,
Err'body skrimpin' in da place
by pookyboonboon September 12, 2017
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