Used as a synonym for “shit
Ex 1: you aint skit

Ex 2: i have to take a fat skit

Ex 3: im not doin skit today
by Hajzzz July 8, 2019
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Skitted- is when your trying to get someone outta bed and they don’t listen so you pick the individual up and toss the being across their bed like rock over a river
Johnny was sleeping in all day and called off work again so his Australian friend came to Johnny and says “you need to get outta bed man and you stank” Johnny complains in a muttered voice. His friend asked him if he’s ever been Skitted before?” “Da hell that mean mate” Johnny replies. His friend says the terminology of the phrase as if he’s comparing the bed as a lake and the person the bed a rock and tries to skit them across the other end of the bed in hopes of the other person falling off.
by WreckkedHavikk March 28, 2022
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