disturbingly intimate physical skin-to-skin contact among adolescent boys in Japan. The word originally developed to describe intimate physical contact between a mother and her baby, however more recently it has also come to describe the phenomenon of male groping, grooming, and cuddling which many young boys participate in. Skinship is usually practiced from late childhood through puberty among boys only.
(a new English teacher in Japan working in a junior high school) ''Man, I went into one of my classes today, and this one boy was sitting on the lap of another one right there and he had his one hand in his half-buttoned down shirt feeling up the other boys chest, and with the other hand he was playing with the other boys hair. Both of them seemed fine with it, and nobody else seemed to care at all. And I knew both of the kids have girlfriends because I talk to them after class. It was so weird...''

(a veteran English teacher) ''It's called 'skinship.' I don't know why, but they all love that shit over here.''
by sointex August 21, 2008
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