usually tight, especially near the bottom. they are really cute and look good with just about any shirt, commonly worn by skaters/emo/punk kids but, now days preps are wearing them too. personally i love skinny jeans on anybody. (btw they look nice with converse or flats)
omg. look at becky rockin those skinny jeans, fersher.
by katieleigh November 02, 2008
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Jeans made for fags and girls that are extremely tight. If you're a boy and wear these jeans you most certainly have to have a 3 in. or less cock.
Ted: Hey when did you start wearing those skinny jeans?

XXSkylarXX: When i realized i should start showing off my pencil dick.

Ted: Oh yea? hows that workin for ya?

XXSkylarXX: its helped me find reasons to cut myself. come to think of it....
by CurbStompinEMOSonTheDaily July 25, 2009
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1. Pants that no one can wear but try to anyhow, generally failing in the attempt.

2. Unbelievably small pants that emo/scene guys wear, making hundreds of girls drool and love them. Irrationally.
Girl #1: Oh my god, did you see that totally hot emo guy?

Girl #2: OMFG YES. Did you see? He was wearing skinny jeans!

Girl #1: He's sooo cute!!!
by Billy Spastic October 18, 2008
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A person who wears skinny jeans, nose pierced, and ears gauged. Usually questionably homosexual. The popular apparel for this type is; tight leather jackets (probably made for women), crooked flat-billed hats, chucks, and don't forget the skinny jeans! There is only one type of haircut for this type, and that is, of course, a douchy one.

Let's not forget this type's inability to handle liquor, and their knack for puking over 3rd story balconies onto poor unsuspecting bi-standards.

These people are commonly mistaken for vampires, and may look as if they escaped from the Twilight set.
Haha, look at that Skinny Jeans puking on that slut.

Hey, this Skinny Jeans is passed out... Let's fuck him up.

That Skinny Jeans is a sub par paintball player.
by AaronCarterFan69 January 12, 2011
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jeans that people sterotype as "emo" wear, but then all a sudden the preppy whores who hate "emos" decided that if the clothing makes you look like a complete whore its okay if "emos" wear it too! not to mention it makes your legs look demented
Prep: Whoah! These new skinny jeans make me look great!!!

Emo: Umm if you hate us so much why go stealing our style?
by prep hater xD February 16, 2009
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To all you losers who don't like skinny jeans because you can only afford cheap ass walmart boot cut supposed "jeans":

Skinny jeans look good on guys and girls. Its in style and they just look better then regular jeans. I don't mean for guys to wear absolutely skin tight jeans, but a slimmer fit is always good. And as for girls, you look stupid without skinny jeans.
Don't be stuck in the 90's, wear skinny jeans.
by yessss123 October 24, 2008
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To keep it simple, skinny jeans are women's jeans with slight alterations and targeted to the male audience.
As you know, most male fashion designers are homosexual. So many of them may where womens's clothing, of which include women's tight jeans. So one of them probably wore women's jeans and thought that would be a great product to sell to the average mindless person who follows any fad. So now you see guys roaming the streets walking in women's clothing and who thinks it looks good on them. If only they knew.
Idiot: I want skinny jeans for my birthday.
Smart Person: Just borrow your sister's pants, you'll look just as gay.
by Education With Proof February 15, 2011
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