Jeans worn for the purpose of annihalating a man's testis.
Billy: Oof, these jeans are squeezing mah bawls so tight.
Joe:Cuz ur wearing skinny jeans you nimrod!!
by Rhymenocerous 50 February 26, 2009
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A trend, an overly popular trend. Skinny jeans (or skinnies) are usually worn by your modern trendwhore, scene kid, sk8r boi, or emo people. In my honest opinion, skinny jeans make girls with no ass look like they have one. Guys who wear skinny jeans usually look like anorexic little girls, with a presumably small penis.

People who say they wear skinny jeans because they are comfortable and cute are usually lying, because, they're wearing them because EVERYONE ELSE DOES.

Sane person: Please, go kill yourself, you brainless puppet.
by Sventevith August 23, 2010
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1. Any jeans that cannot be put on with ease. If it takes more than 5 minutes to wiggle into a pair of jeans, they're skinny jeans.

2. Jeans guys shouldn't wear.
The boy came to school in skinny jeans one day and was rejected by all his friends. He then came to his senses and gave them back to his sister and never wore skinny jeans again.
by DRmastermind June 04, 2010
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SKINNY JEANS - The Alternative to Girl Pants

Skinny Jeans are what most scene kid would wear. They are straight leg, and usually very tight. A lot of the time they will be distressed, damaged, with expertly designed rips. They fit tight around the bottom of your leg, the calf and ankel, making your legs appear "skinny."

It is basically the cool way of saying that your jeans are boot cut.
hey, those skinny jeans are hella boss.

dude look at those scene kids and their skinny jeans.

"Hey where did you get your skinny jeans?"
by Karlie Krash April 06, 2006
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skinny jeans are a way of expressing yourslef. alot of kids wear them because it attraccts alot of girls. and its basicly for the style. many peaople think its gay but it reall isnt. and if you have fat legs or a big butt, dont be ashamed. just go for it.
skinny jeans are for girls and guys.
by yaetor October 26, 2007
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A highly popular tight fighting style of jeans
Craig : Wow Kiersten's wearing Skinny Jeans today!

Chad : Wouldn't you love to just pass by her and slap her in the ass!

Steve : Hey guy's check it out got my new Skinny Jeans on I feel just like Luke Bryan!
Chad : Get lost dip shit were were getting off on Kiersten!
Steve : Come on Chad dance with me Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! That's My Kind Of Night!
Chad : Quit rubbing your ass in my crotch!
Steve : Can't help it it's my Skinny Jeans they make me feel so sexy! Come on Country Boy Shake It For Me!
Kiersten : O God why don't you two get a room!
Craig : LOL!
Chad : God Damn't Steve get your fuckin Skinny Jean ass away from me!
by SlopNChop November 08, 2017
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