This is the act of hanging around a nightclub or pub to the last hours of the night to pick up the drunken uglies that remain.
I'm not going home yet, i'm skimming for my next root.

I was skimming last night and picked up this ugly fat chick.
by XSpence January 07, 2009
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The deplorably deviant act of inserting skimmed milk in one's anal tract by use of a funnel or turkey baster and squirting it back out over his or her lover's face, body or prized garden gnome collection.
"Yo, I heard you were into Skimming so I bought along some milk. That OK, bro?"

-"I....is that.....full fat?"

"No, it's semi."

-"Ugh, what sort of freak do you take me for? Skimmed milk only. You disgust me."
by Don't use Chris's real name December 10, 2013
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The delicate operation of using electrical clippers on ones testicles without using the safety guard.
response to gf's question - yelled in response from in the bathroom: Can you just wait a moment honey - I'm a bit busy skimming right now."
by OleMagicHands January 09, 2016
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