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Meaning you're a filthy skid who lives in the undergrounds of the world, yet still acts like a douche online!

Credits to: Vpnfull for making this noiceeee word
Man that kid is not just an ordinary skid, he's a complete skid rat
by Vpnfull September 16, 2017
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a skidrat is very dangerous animal found in the northern forests of ontario. this creature comes out more during the cold harsh winters to feed.
a skidrat is roughly 4-5 feet, and walks on 2 feet like a human. these are often confused as bigfoot, but its a skidrat none the less
in some cases skidrats have been known to enter a school as a short slightly obese boy with a mental disability
hey i found this skidrat out behind the house, can we keep it?
Sure, its your responsibility tho
ok, i think ill name it tyler
by tylers "friend" ;P December 13, 2010
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A girl (often a medic / cook / campie) who has sexual relations with a constant stream of different oilfield workers. Basically, an oil patch slut.
Bob: I fucked that medic, Rose, last night.
Tony: I fucked her last Saturday, she's such a skid rat.
by OilPatchLucy March 24, 2012
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Very similar to hood rat
It is a guy from a ghetto part of town who fuck bitches all day and is basically a slut.

Also a kid who enjoys spending all day in homemade jean shorts, flannels and drinking 40s with their crew.
Yo man that kid is such a skid rat
Man those squamish skid rats are so muscly
by G.ROB May 14, 2011
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