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Two definitions:

1) Skaters who go to the skatepark just to ride the rails because that's all they know how to do.

2) Kids who go to the skatepark just to watch, which usually involves hanging off the outside of the rail/fence/wall around the skatepark so they don't get run over inside the park. These people are usually skatetarded. These are the kind of people who drag their girlfriend/boyfriend who doesn't skate and isn't appreciative of the art of skating to a big event, like the X-Games, just so they don't have to go alone. Most skaters either date them or hate them.
1) Those skatepark railrats just totally took out that little kid on the bike! He must be skatetarded or something; the rail ends way over there!

2) Skater 1: I totally wanna murder those skatepark railrats over there. *points at two chicks in an Avanged Sevenfold shirt and checkered Vans hanging off the outside of the fence*
Skater 2: Dude, that's my girlfriend and her sister.
by Pixie Stix September 23, 2007
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