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An invasive species that was first discovered in New Zealand in the March of 2018.
They cause obnoxiousness and destruction wherever they go. They inhabited Wellington, migrated to the south island of New Zealand, popped up in the Tongariro National Park, and have now settled in Auckland.
There are at least 7 skanky beavers now located in Auckland, it is unknown how long they live for. Their breeding habits are not known. It is also unknown if they are dangerous or not. What is known about them is that they are extremely skanky, they should be approached with caution...
"Wow did you see those skanky beavers doing the Harlem Shake on the ferry through Marlborough Sounds?" - Man who saw skanky beavers.

"Yeah, pretty skanky..." - Woman replying to question
by the_groganator June 07, 2018
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