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A name used to describe a sissy, submissive husband/boyfriend in rural parts of Canada. A “Sissy Darlene” enjoys/craves/needs to be put in sexually humiliating positions such as public cross-dressing, foot and anal worshipping, sexual teasing and denial, etc. A “Sissy Darlene” is attracted to those who are unfaithful, such as a “slut wife” or girlfriend and need to be totally controled by their partners. They dress as frilly and sissy as possible and feel the need to be subservient to both wife and their lovers, including oral. They expect no sexual gratuities from their partners except masturbation. Most are not allowed sexual contact other than oral.
“Look at the way that Sissy Darlene lets his wife dress when she goes out.”

Question; “Are you sure you husband won’t mind me going home with you?”
A; “No, he’s nothing but a Sissy Darlene.”
by Abitchwife February 19, 2010
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