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When you is on Da Couch, relaxin, Drinkin', and listenin' to music. When you have that feeling where life's duh bomb & that you rule the world.
KV: What up, Dude?
Justin: I'm good.

KV: Nigga, What Chu' Doing?
Justin: Sipaxin' to Music. Niggaa?
KV: Si-what Nigga?
Justin: Nigga, stop saying Nigga. Before I Bust A Cap.
Justin: Nigga, I'm listenin' to Gucci, Drinkin' on that Lemonade Koolaid. Rulin' The F***in' World!
KV: Oh, Well. Dah what up.
Justin: Yup.
KV: Nigga, add that to Urban dictionary.
Justin: Nigga, you a genius.
by KVDuhVicious June 16, 2010
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