When you are depressed because you are single and you know that no boys/girls like you more than a friends.
Kate: I’m sad and single

Beth: I’m not, I’m so happy and dating the love of my life!
by Hiiiiiiiiiibyeeeee November 14, 2018
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When somebody really just...well, doesn't give a single fuck about what you say or what you do.

When someone gives absolutely zero fucks about anything, a total hardass.
Not a single fuck was given when he got shot in the leg.

When he got knocked the fuck out last night, he got back up, not a single fuck was given
by TheWarHorse100 June 29, 2019
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This is a very bad person most likely a scammer and probably is involved with communism

Ding singles usually have the worst team in there fansty league
Yo I heard that kid is a ding single let's go rob him and ruin his fansty football team
by Brandon wojanh September 6, 2022
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when your group of three (threesome) is spontaniously joined right before you tee off on the first tee by a typically annoying person with no one else to play with. This phrase is derived from but is not making fun of pro golfer "Vijay Singh."

2. when your group is held up by a single player on the hole in front of you or if he/she jumps in front of you right before you tee off
golfer 1 - Dang man, we should have teed off when we had the chance, now we gotta wait on flippin' Vijay Single down there to move on.
by 8petton1 June 12, 2011
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A common question that girls or boys would ask the opposite sex when they find out this answer.
Wait... You're Single? I didn't know that.
by Bob Chum Person December 20, 2017
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Proud fanfic enthusiast, whom swears holy worship to the legendary game of minecraft. Notorious for being the reverse of a player and just rejects everyone 😍😍
Yo did you see dat vaanika single right there. So cringe
by cybercn January 20, 2022
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