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Male organ from 'Singapura'. The largest type generally found on this island is the Dravidian Penis or Black Tamil Penis, which falls in the coveted global 'L' & 'XL' categories. In contrast, smallest are the uncircumcised Chinese Penis, the Christian European Penis & the Caucasoid North Indian Penis, which languish in the 'XS' class. Meanwhile, the intermediate Malay Penis is one step larger in the 'S' group, being a circumcised Muslim Penis:

Race ....... L cm . Ref
Dravidian . 24.13 . a
Dravidian . 14.00 . b
PH Malay .. 12.61 . c
MY Malay .. 11.49 . d
Chinese ... 10.89 . f
European .. 10.83 . e
Indoaryan . 10.24 . f

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eg) The racial pattern of Singaporean penises (with the Tamil 'Ah Neh' largest, the Chinese 'Ah Chong' & European 'Ang Moh' smallest, & the Malay 'Ah Mat' falling in between) has doop-rooted genetic origins, for it is observed right from birth itself:

"In Singapore, which has v. similar ethnic groups to Malaysia, i.e. Malays, Chinese & {South} Indians, Lian et al, who studied a total of 228 infants, found that Indians & Chinese had, respectively, the highest & the lowest mean penile length of 38 mm & 35 mm, & Malays had a mean penile length of 36 mm.(2) {2. WB Lian, WR Lee, LY Ho 'Penile length of newborns in Singapore' J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 13 (2000) 55-62} Cheng & Chanoine, in their study population of 105 infants in Vancouver, Canada, found that East {ed: South} Indians had the highest mean penile length of 36 mm, followed by Caucasians with 34 mm, & then the Chinese with 31 mm.(3) {3. PK Cheng, JP Chanoine 'Should the definition of micropenis vary according to ethnicity?' Horm Res 55 (2001) 278-81} ... Interestingly, Fok el al reported a mean penile length of 30 mm in a large study of 4,628 Hong Kong Chinese term infants.(10) {10. T F Fok, K L Hon et al 'Normative data of penile length for term Chinese newborns' Biol Neonate 87 (2005) 242-5}" - 'Penile length of term newborn infants in multiracial Malaysia' T H Ting, L L Wu. {Dept Paediatrics, Univ Putra Malaysia & Univ Kebangsaan Malaysia} Singapore Med J 2009; 50(8): 817-821
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