Prestigious school for the basic Chinese elites if you are not rich or extroverted you will definitely come out with trauma from the backstabbing, verbally and emotionally abusive teachers and burnout! Unnecessarily steep staircases so u never miss leg day🦵🦵 if you love rigged elections you’ll love it here <3 Also notable for their sleeveless uniforms that collect armpit sweat stains Missing field so the nearby track and field has been claimed as their own + bright green pants brighter than your future Come here if you want a free mental breakdown(s)
A: hey do u rmb wat that sch w the ugly uniform and entitled bitches is called
B: do u mean Singapore Chinese girls school
A: omg yes!!!
by godsfavouritebitch August 22, 2021
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Unless you are rich, skinny or extroverted, don’t expect to survive a single day in that school. Their ironic sleeveless uniforms collect armpit sweat and makes almost everyone there have the strongest smell of body odour there could possibly be.

It’s way too competitive and they make fun of people who do worse than them. They also can’t keep other people’s names out of their mouths for no reason and body shame a hell ton.
-: What’s that school that’s full of Chinese, judgmental, entitled, competitive, rude and petty girls again?
~: Are you talking about Singapore Chinese Girls’ School?
.: Yeah, that’s the one!
by pissboy29 August 25, 2021
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