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A virus started in the southern United States that involves the corruption and mutation of a plain rubber band and turning it into a colorful shape. The disease first started among younger children, one or two was the norm, but it soon began to spread and multiply. Soon it had made its way into Middle Schools, particularly girls and (in some cases) boys.

As of right now, the virus has begun to spread in High school environments, infecting 15-17 (primarily) year old girls. The High school mutation of the virus is usually very aggressive, and will infest the host with upwards of 10 bands. Lately, there have been signs of Silly Bandz on High school boys as well.

There is no cure to Silly Bandz, except will power to resist their colorful appearance. Right now, Silly Bandz Syndrome (or SBS) is on the verge of being declared a pandemic.

It is currently unclassified, but is remarkably similar to the Webkinz Disease that plagued the nations several years ago.
Jon: Man, I'm really worried about Rick, I haven't seen him since he was diagnosed with Silly Bandz Syndrome

Eric: Yeah, I hear just last week, SBS took more then five guys on the football team...
by The Mysterious Mister M May 25, 2010
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Probably one of the most ridiculous fads in the history of fads.
Silly Bandz are colourful rubber bands that have been shaped to resemble letters, objects, animals and even people or entire words.
Elementary, middle and even high schoolers, sometimes even college students or adults will be seen with dozens or even hundreds on their arms.
The obsession shared by many has been labeled as SBS, or Silly Band Syndrome, to which there is no cure. The ability to resist their colourful shapes and stretchyness is called SBR, or Silly Band Resistance.

Most people with any sense of individuality will refuse to wear Silly Bandz, while anyone else will become obsessed.
Karlie: "Look, I got some Silly Bandz!"
Lydia: "Those things are fucking ridiculous. Do you really not know how to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd?"
by LukieInTheSky June 18, 2010
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Colorful rubber bands shaped liked various objects or animals. Invented in Birmingham, Alabama. They are becoming increasingly popular among children and even High Schoolers of the East Coast of the U.S. and are usually worn on the wrist.
I traded my green turtle Silly Band for Pedro's red Penguin Silly Band.

Half the kids at school have Silly Bandz. I guess I should get some and trade.
by JosepBroz April 30, 2010
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The most successful frequency in middle schools all throughout North America.

AKA: Colorful rubber bands, made into shapes that make your wrist itch. People have them for the sake of trading them for something better, like a pencil.

In a nutshell: No one really wants them for "Them"
Just like no one would want money if it couldn't buy them things, no one would want Silly Bandz if you couldn't trade them for random shit.
Dumbass: Can I have some gum??

Dipshit: ...uhhh ಠ_ಠ

Dumbass: Please?? I'll give you a silleh band!!

Dipshit: Silly bandz are retarded
by EspioEspio November 26, 2010
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