That awkward moment in which everything has become quiet because a friend has admitted to being fat. You don't want to lie but you dont want to be mean leaving you with the silence.
Rodney: Dude, the other day patricia left me with the fat silence

Andy: ouch man
by BeijingMo May 12, 2010
A stillness in time, space, and even mind.
"i'm so tired i just want to sit in simple silence."
by winter.criez February 1, 2023
Silence is the sound of when no sound is being generated, silence makes no noise and can't be heard, it also is soundless. Silence pretty much is nothing and it shouldn't exist sience it's litetall nothingness.
A: "Yo i really dig this soundless noise"
B: "You mean Silence?
A:"Fucks that?"
by Unfunny Andrei March 15, 2018
a loss of words.when u r on the phone and a conversation ends and u r just there sitting awkwardly
<him> hey honey, i bet you cant make me happy and sad at the same time
<her> you have the biggest penis out of all your friends.
by a_bunch_of_zeroes May 29, 2018
Silence is not compliance. Refusing to talk to someone isn't complying with them, since you dont have to talk to anyone.
A mouthy person would call silence compliance, since they want to get people to comply with their policy of saying a lot but meaning nothing, and spreading misinformation.
by Solid Mantis September 27, 2020