Sick story is a slang term (that may or may not be accompanied by a hand gesture)that is presented within conversation to convey disbelief, disinterest, disregard or general disapproval.

The term originated in the hallways of Grossmont High school, in San Diego, California in early 2005.

Originally, the term was used when sarcastically conveying excitement, or over-interest about a particularly boring or pointless story told in conversation. (ex.1) With the term, came a hand gesture. With thumb and pinky extended, and middle three fingers curled into palm.(Similar to the "hangloose" gesture) Used to replicate a phone, this signal meant "Why don't you call somebody who cares?".

The hand signal became it's own entity, and no longer necessarily needed to be accompanied by the verbal exclamation. And now, sick story could be applied to virtually any situation to show disapproval(ex.2) , especially the unfunny, or trite. (ex.3)

It became not uncommon to preemptively sick story one's self in order to be able to finish a sentence that is inherently sick story prone. Particularly when talking about something shameful or typical of yourself. (ex.4)

Sick Story can now be heard all around San Diego, and surrounding southern California. The phrase seems simple enough, buy coupled with it's universal hand gesture, and infinite capacity, it is slowly making it's way into the American lexicon.
1. A: "Dude, last night my phone rang, and when I picked it up, there was no one there. So I called them back, and they had the wrong number."

B: "Sick story!"

2.*Car won't start*

A: "Ugh, sick story"

3. A: "The other day I was eating and sandwich, and-"

B "That's what she said!"

A: "Sick story" *Hand motion*

4. A "Hey, sick story, I know, but last night I paid for her movie tickets, even though she said it wasn't a date."
by The Mach5 March 23, 2010
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