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A really hot girl with curly hair, big eyes and one dimple who saves your life and then just disappears for years
Man lying on the road: I'm dying

Tall guy: No you're not

Man lying on the road: Oh yaaaa I'm not anymore. She saved my life, look I'm pointing towards her *points to his left*
Tall guy: No you're not
Man: But ..but..I swear there was this really hot girl with curly hair-
Tall guy: -big eyes and a dimple. I believe you now, man. FYI that was Shubh Vardhan. Haven't seen her in two years. *Shoots self in the stomach and winds up lying next to the man lying on the road* SAVE ME SHUBH VARDHAN I NEED YOUR LOVE
by Alice in chains January 15, 2018
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You know the girl who frequents your dreams and makes you wonder what the liquid you wake up drenched in actually is? That, my friends, is Shubh Vardhan. If you're looking for her follow any trail of pining men/women who appear... Wet
Wet guy: Fine. Let's drop acid. But only once today okay, I'm worried about you that's why I'm letting you do this to us. I hate drugs but you mean the world to me
Distraught druggie: I don't want drugs I want SHUBH VARDHAN. AAAARGH
Wet Guy: CAN'T YOU SEE HOW WET I AM? *shoots distraught druggie* Shubh vardhan is mine
by Ilena April 24, 2018
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