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This occurs after going to Red Lobster, ordering the never-ending shrimp, and eating to the point of shrimp intoxication. Some of the symptoms are blurred vision, double vision, speaking at a higher volume then normal, constant cursing, difficulty forming coherent thoughts, difficulty walking straight, and usually ends with a case of explosive diarrhea either the same night or the morning after. This state is difficult to acquire and requires at least 100 shrimp be consumed in order for the effects to be fully experienced. Treatments for this malady include cocktail sauce, copious amounts of Pepto Bismol/Kaopectate, and praying to the whatever god you hold sacred for mercy and some kind of ointment to prevent anal tearing.
So I went out with some friends for dinner and I ended up getting so shrimp drunk that I passed out on the floor of the Red Lobster bathroom with my pants around my ankles and a bible stuffed in my hands.
by Hawkeye from MASH November 04, 2010
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