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A too small of a town near the coast of Jersey, surrounded by Little Silver and Red Bank. Occupied by rich familes with housewives who have nothing better to do than gossip to other moms. Rarely you'll see a mom who actually works for a living.
School is too small (K-8) and tries to stick to "traditions", which results in a terrible and embarrassing 8th grade graduation. A few of the teachers are actually nice, while others are crazy pedophiles.
Two groups of girls- the skinny bitches who hang out with the skinny bitches in Little Silver. And the somewhat normal group, who (according to the bitches) are losers and don't have a life. The boys are immature and full of themselves and don't know how to associate with the opposite sex.
WARNING: Don't move to Shrewsbury.
Student 1: Hey, where do you live?
Student 2: ........Shrewsbury, New Jersey....... but I'm not one of the bitches!
Student 1: Yeah Shrewsbury is known for that- and their gossiping moms.
by walkandtalk January 12, 2011
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