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Acting crazy or doing something that others don't agree with, mainly due because of anger.
-Wtf, why the hell he just gon choke me up cuz I got home late?!! Dat nigga shot out!
- dear sis, I'm doing fine in college, I just have some concern, I read my roomate's diary and she's talking about how she thinkin about going on a killing rampage...girl, I know u payed for a full tuition for me but I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE, THIS CHICK IS SHOT THE FUCK OUT!
-as soon as I got out the salon a cop just started screaming at me telling me to "get on the ground now", nigga pleeeze! I just got my hair and nails done, he shot the fuck out.
by LinaBeana June 06, 2010
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too many injections, twisted , tweeked out , non functional because of exsess drug usage. needle freek. and looks and acts the part.
that fool is shot the fuck out. just look at him. he dosen't know if he's coming , or going
by scottiecoolbreeze March 26, 2007
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