Your my orange soda shordy meaning your my crush girl

Crush being a orange soda
by 6. age May 31, 2022
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Today on the 17th of December, you’re aloud to box out any shordy you want. Even your grandma!

Pow pow bitch ass grandma you just got boxed out
It means that you can punch any girl you want in this day on December 17
“Why’d you punch your girl”

It’s because it’s box out a shordy day
by Deglizzygladiator December 17, 2020
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Its pretty much a cooler way of saying for sure because if you say in this way its a more hip way of saying for sure
You: Bro do you got that good stuff

The Plug: For Shordie

Your Friend: These niggas be capping on the gram

You: Like for shordie on some real shit
by Spacekodd fan January 21, 2021
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man why is my gf a shordy
by lateboy3 November 22, 2021
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A lot of Cleveland people refer too “shordy “ as etherr gender or specifically a young annoying person .
“Shordy ass buggin keep texting me “
by Handri March 23, 2022
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