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A shmen is defined as a a student who comes to IMSA while skipping their freshman year. The word "shmen" actually derives from the word "freshman" since these students are intended to be freshman. These students are typically intelligent yet lacking the social skills required to succeed on a campus setting. Generally, shmen only make up a small portion of each class. Shmen are looked upon as the lowest in the class system because they have not become fuly matured highschoolers, seeing as they skipped 9th grade. A pseudo-shmen is someone who previously skipped a grade, but not 9th grade. A super-shmen is one who has skipped both 9th grade and one other previous year.
Bob- "Dude, did you hear about that kid that slept through his first 3 classes?!?"
Jim- "Oh yeah, it was that shmen!"
Bob- "That is totally a shmen thing to do!"
by ImNotAShmen September 14, 2010
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Short version of the religion Mennonite, insulting someone by there appearance or something they do.
1.look at alec he is wearing jeans and a plad shirt what a shmen
2.guy#1 you smell like shit. guy #2 shut up you shmen.
by nhn,k,jkm December 16, 2017
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