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The place where one goes when in alot of trouble. Usually the kind of trouble of their own creation and the situation has drastically deteriorated.

A major stuff up.
Oh fuck, I can't believe you forgot to put the car tyre back on properly; we are really up Shitter's Ditch now.

A: "Where's Barry?"
B: "He cheated on his wife and is in hiding"
A: "Oh, he must be up Shitter's Ditch then."
by Harry Goodson September 30, 2010
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A place of pure torment owing to your own misfortune or stupidly. Imagine being cast into the bottom of a ditch that was used by everyone as a latrine, up to your neck in excreta with yet more people above, continuing to empty their bowls on you. Possibly in a war zone where everyone has explosive diarrhorea from dysentery. You get the idea - it's a dire situation beyond imagination.
Ahh shit!! I'm half way across the world in North Korea, I've had my wallet and passport stolen - no money, no ID , no accommodation , the military suspect me of being a spy and are about to torture my arse, I can't get in touch with the embassy and to top it all off, i'm hanging by my wrists in an interrogation cell and my nose is itchy so I can't scratch !! Sigh, I'm really in shitter's ditch now !
by Devlin Dogue April 22, 2018
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