A standardized measurement defined by 1 ton + 3 kg + 1 cm + 1 millisecond + 1 picosecond.
I just had a literal shit ton of thanksgiving food.
by shitte_ton November 23, 2017
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264.2 gallons of human shit.
That's 264.2 gallons of vodka!
That's a shit-ton of vodka!
by treephalanges April 08, 2011
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A prettylot is more than a little and less than a lot ( look it up). A shit-ton is more than a lot.
by Yesway May 28, 2018
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The amount of a substance in pounds that can fit in a 30 square foot space as figured from the density of 2,000lbs of fecal matter.
2,250lbs is a shit-ton of LSD.
by Z28boi April 25, 2018
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More than one, usually plural, but less than 10
How many topless photos you got?! Not one but 6?! That’s a shitton
by Thatnoteggshellcolorpersonthur February 13, 2018
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