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When you are constipated and pushing sooo hard, just to make that one little poo, that you painfully break your back
Jason calls in sick ..

After school, Chris calls Jason ..

Chris: Hey why weren't you at school today?

Jason: Bro .. Its a long story, and embarrassing

Chris: Aids?

Jason: Nope. I got shit slammed.

Chris: On the toilet?

Jason: Yes, on the toilet .. It was horrible .. But you cant tell anyone!!!

Chris: Damn, thats worse than AIDS. Don't worry bro, you can trust me. I gotta go .. My sister needs to use the phone.

Chris hangs up and calls Austin and Julian on 3-way

Chris: You guys will never believe what happened to Jason!!

Julian and Austin: What??

Chris: He got shit slammed!! Poor little fucker

Julian and Austin: HAHAHAHAHAHAH
by Jesselikesitinthebutt November 08, 2011
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