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A tall, burly man that is sort of an asshole. Usually wears dingy overalls and works as a laborer.
I'm not going to work today. Ever since they hired Shit Mountain, I hate going out in the field.
by Bluevolume May 21, 2009
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When you're taking a shit and there's so much shit before you flush that it makes a little mountain. Therefore it's above the toilet water causing it to really stink even worse. They're easily made if ones shit misses the bottom and builds up on the side of the toilet. thanks
Honey I just made a big shit mountain that really was funky
by Fireman2893 November 01, 2018
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A name you call one of your best friends as in a joking matter. They are such great friends and are extremely funny, but sometimes they can be complete idiots. Or total jerks. This name is not to be taken seriously
"Hey shit mountain! Get your booty over here"
by HurtMySelf_haha July 10, 2017
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When your life five and you shit in the backyard continuously until it becomes a literal shit mountain
Holy Shit my house is a shit mountain like my potato computer that died at the age of 96 from severe lung cancer and chronic depression
by Shit Mountain March 25, 2017
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