a open ass going ass fatherless ass ho with no morals what so ever. (often groupie or ran through)
Shit Eater, an open ass going ass fatherless ass ho with no morals what so ever.
by qua_ June 8, 2023
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Someone who does something unhealthy, laborious or anti-social for minimal gain.
Yeah I know this is a first world country, but I burn wood in a densely packed urban area that has reticulated gas and reverse cycle air conditioning because I'm a shit eater.

Why not be a shit eater and burn your rubbish? Rubbish sacks cost 50 cents after all.
by Captain Caveman the Pyro June 5, 2019
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A person who loves drama and gets off on it and loves to keep drama going and loves to lie on others and loves the he said she said game and just loves to spread shit and play in it and stir it. Formally known as “drama queen” shit eaters don’t deserve to be queen of any thing…. They are nothing more than shit eaters…
Those two old ho bags are big time shit eaters that love drama and they lie so much they believe their own lies!
by Squbbles April 4, 2022
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Refers to a person who eats shit. Can sometimes refer to a monkey or other animal that likes to eat shit, like a dog. Word is derived from Japanese porn videos where the girls eat shit. They are called Shit-eaters
"Dude I saw this video of this one Japanese chick, she was a shit-eater, hahaha!"
by Aclockwork3 June 2, 2004
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a person who experiences intense orgasm while ingesting massive amounts of fecal matter from their sex partner.
" i wish i was jennifer lopez' shit eater!"
by john March 16, 2003
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Military term for members of the British Forces. So named because thier food is of a much lower standard in comparison to that of thier allies.

Alternate definition: due to the fact that british food sucks sooooo bad they are commonly refered to as Shit-eaters
Only Shit-eaters serve deep fried eggs for breakfast, along with deepfried toast.
by shrek March 24, 2005
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