The amazingly long-lasting gum from Stride that changes flavors. The pattern goes something like this:
Berry--> Mint--> Shit
Its suprisingly good, up until the berry get too entense and the mint becomes to strong. Then it tastes pretty bad.
Hey, have you tried this gum? It's called Stride Shift. I'll try it. Mmm, berries! Oh, cool! It tastes minty now! Woah. What the fuck? This is awful!
by FTWProne June 27, 2010
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Made famous amongst early 20th century motorcycles, now a sex position. Doggie style, but while fisting her vagina, you anally penetrate her with your penis. A somewhat difficult position to obtain.
Her: "How do you want me?"
Him: "I'm going to give you a suicide shift."
by World Wide Walt July 17, 2019
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An extension of the asshole that has an inverse relationship with the penis like a slinky, where the anus is protruding and the penis is flacid, or the penis is erect and anus is retracted. In relaxed state the anus appears prolapsed.
To avoid embarrassment, Q skin shift his rectum away from the public eye.
by Your fly is open November 19, 2017
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When you try to capitalize a word but accidentally capitalize the second letter instead. Usually happens on important documents, such as resumes and letters to your mother-in-law.
Business Owner: I'm sorry sir, but we can't accept your resume due to multiple slow shifts in it.
Guy who wanted job: wHat aRe yOu tAlking aBout?
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When working in retail or fast food, where half of the working staff are present, and all of the resources and supplies are there.
I can’t believe that Jeff got everyone else sick with a cold. Thanks to him, we’re stuck in a Thanos Shift.”
by CaveJohnson94 June 10, 2020
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I am here to introduce a new and original wanking move I call it 'The Gear Shift'. In order to execute this move you will need to get to the point where your about to blow your load then swiftly release your dick from your hand wait for 1 and a half seconds precisely grab your dick again from the bottom 3 strokes then push the cum out. Once mastered you will gain a new level of mastery in the field, with enough precision the load can pierce straight through the skull and be fatal USE WITH CAUTION! Bringing all new levels of pleasure to the game. Thank me later boys. Welcome to THE GEAR SHIFT!
"Ahhh shit im gonna blow *gear shift* AHHHHHHHHHHH! POWERRRRRR LOADDDDDDDDDD"

The Gear Shift is the perfect execution for finishing a wank
by SamTheBaldMan April 6, 2021
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When a person participates in a self inflicted lock-down for the purpose of communicating with the opposite sex for a lengthy period of time beginning at/after sunset.
Paul closed his door at 8pm to so that he could work The Night Shift in peace.
by Daren Bukator December 3, 2007
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