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Harnesses the power of absolute pedophilia. Watches all kinds of loli hentai. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.
Hide your kids! It's a Shi Qi
by YourGrandPaBob May 13, 2019
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Poetic and weird at the same time, Shi qi is a charming little girl who is crazy in a good and fun way! She might seem retarded, but she'd be knowing her stuff. Playful and hardworking at the same time, she's the perfect mix!

Being both an extroverted introvert , Shi qi loves talking and the attention! She also loves talking to people and making new buddies! However when shes not in the mood, she can be shy and deemed as indifferent.

She can be the sweetest girl you've ever seen if she adores you. Shi qi will always be loyal af to you and only you. She'll love you till you feel like you're the only one in the world! Shi qi will shower you with lots of affection and gifts like nobody else!

However, don't get on her bad side, as she is a demon in the making! Make her go berserk and you'll see for yourself what it is like living in hell. Easily jealous and possessive, you won't want anybody laying a finger on her boo!

Shi qi is very extreme and love a lot but hates a lot too!
There goes Shi qi again! Being all crazy and retarded.
by 122lucifer January 05, 2018
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Some gaywad that watches too much loli hentai and is a pedophile. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN
Karen takes the kids away! Here comes a shi qi
by Redcowboys May 13, 2019
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A cute and pretty girl with silky black hair and dark colored eyes, loves to read. She also loves One Direction.
That cute girl with pretty black hair listening to One Direction music while reading must be shi qi!
by qql1d December 27, 2013
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