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A secondary school situated in the village of Shevington in Wigan.

It is somewhat unpopular due to the fact that under 10% of the pupils are actually from the shevington area, this is because of the migration of hundreds of rembeccers into the area, spoiling the nature of the community and selling fags outside topshop for 50p.

Shevington high school students are compiled mainly of scrubbers, who can be spotted scavenging their favourite foods from the various bins in the area.

Students made a whopping £23.99 last year from the pepsi can market, with over 40 cans being sold in year 11 alone.
person 1: "Hey, what do you think of Shevington High School?"
person 2: "Shit, shite and shit!"
by trollslay3r February 08, 2011
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