1) A girl who has a big nose and or a mustache. Dresses as if were in the 50's and smells like a fucking queef coming out of a smelly-fat-retarded-fuck from wal-mart.

2)A fat girl who loves drama and tries to tell her your secrets and yells them across class. Also has fucked up teeth.
1) Man tht shelby is kickin on her lip and she smells hella bad.

2) Shelby is gay and has fucked up teeth and know one cares about her drama cause she stinks like rotten eggs.
by papa pp May 27, 2008
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a very immature girl that still plays with barbies but yet has a awsome brother
dont be such a shelby........gosh
by Dan Parrigin February 15, 2009
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Shelby is the sweetest person you ever could meet, she is beautiful, courageous, and outgoing. If you ever get to meet a shelby keep her for as long as you can before she's gone. I love her so so much and I wish she felt the same way.
by Justalover21 January 07, 2017
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Extremely rare Red head, Beautiful woman, she lives the family life, seeks to find stability in the home life, very loyal and loving friend who cares a lot for others, but won't be pushed around, has a wonderful personality, can fix her problems set before her with ease, understanding and knowledgeable in sticky situations, very sexy in bed, determined to keep one man happy and can cook on hell of a meal.
Lucy: Hey Shelby how are you and the family doing?

Wade: Shelby those are some really great potatoes you cooked up.

Gary: Wow Shelby, your children are amazing! So smart.
by light333 January 26, 2017
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Super gorgeous, logically defying intelligence, loyal to a fault, compassionate person. Shelby is tried and true. She will stick by you through thick and thin. The sister/friend every single person on this planet wishes for. Potential and smarts people would die for. Beauty in combination with elegance. Unique crazy admirable sense of style. Has the ability to wear absolutely anything and not only pull it off but rock it. So smart she could be president. Classy as fuck with a streak of hippie. Earth nugget/granola is the best way to describe herstyle. Looks equally as amazing without a drop of makeup but can transform into a doll with it. She is a social butterfly and can carry on a conversation with anyone. She has an envious amount of empathy and compassion. Shelby literally glows she is such an amazing human being!
Man, Shelby is so awesome! I just love her to death!
by Elliebellie815 April 04, 2017
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A kind and caring girl she is the best you will probably ever get hold on to her she might be feisty but she will always be by your side.
Person 1: I'm dating a Shelby

Person 2: Dammnnnn have fun
by imtiredandhungry November 22, 2016
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Shelby is a big butt having, stupid face wearing, stank ass smelling sack of poo.This whore will draw you in with her satan pussy and trap your dick in its vice like grip. she will drag you into the pits of relationship hell with her constant bitching and moaning. her bipolar ass will make your head spin from the constant mood change. if you have ropes or knives or guns in your house remove them before dating this cunt not because shes going to kill you but rather that youll want to end your own fucking life at the very sound of her voice. however this bitch does make a mean spaghetti.
i could almost marry this shelby for her food skills.
by dirty mccurdy September 20, 2010
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