My shawty bae tamara is great and she loves me and jadalyn bc we’re the best. She one of my favorite shawty baes. I love tammy. She’s my bestie <3
Shawty Tamara and kim and jada are THE shawty baes.
by Shawty 1 May 7, 2022
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a place where shawties frequent consistently
yo let’s go to chipotle. that’s a shawty villa
by edoggydogg12345 January 9, 2022
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We are a group of friends who love each other and are like a big family. Jackie and Manny are the children. Piper is the mother ofc taking care of us. Giulianna and Carol are the siblings and we plan on going on a trip to Julian or Bog bear
The shawtys are swaggy. Piper, Carol, Jackie amd manny
by Lil_manns February 10, 2021
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informing lover you will be with them in 30 minutes
i just hit thirty slim shawty. imma make some bagel bites and imma head back even tho the ozarks tv is occupiedo
by gurgz January 31, 2022
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Famous guy or girl that received the most hype & clout of their careers in a certain era/decade. You can catch them now doing minimal industry work outside of commercials or Lifetime/Hallmark movies.
Friend 1: Have you heard any hype from Vivica A Fox lately?

Friend 2: Nah, she was pretty much an Era Shawty in the 2000’s.

Friend 1: like Melissa Joan Hart or Dean Cain?

Friend 2: Exactly
by NotoriousAJM August 3, 2021
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