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A potent discharge of blended sweet nectars secreting from the anoosial cavity;

projecting erratic flashes of fecal matter to stream line through the anal or anoosial portal at a high rate of speed. Certain angles of the discharge may be altered

when discharging the sharteque sauce due to rumple like creases of the anoose.
The initial burst of sharteque sauce can cause temporary paralysis to ones lower half of the body
And can cause a temporary reformation of the anoosial portal given the pressure of the discharge and thickness of the core anoosial gland from which the sauce derives.

Keep Sharteque Sauce away from mouth and eyes. If contact with eyes occurs, immediately flush eyes with water. Do not use if you have open wounds, cuts or sores that are present, unless specifically directed by the prescribing physician. HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN
"Hey guy's did you see the game last night"?
"Donovan Mcnabb got sacked so many times by the Cowboys line, I think I saw some sharteque sauce ooze out of his uni". "Yea he Sucks worse than Tony Romo"
by El Trutay November 04, 2009
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