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A small town, which epitomizes white, suburbia, located forty five minutes from Boston. The main attraction is a Starbucks, situated in the poorest excuse for a 'center of town' ever, and a crappy, disease-infested pond that Sharonites like to call a lake. Sharon is extremely homogenous, and the average Sharonite is upper middle class, white, spoiled, and preppy. The only sports in which Sharon excels, predictably, are tennis and golf.

The youth of Sharon is extremely corrupt due to too much leisure time and too much money. There was an epidemic of gonorrhea in the middle school after the sketchy theatre was used as a hot spot for the 'pleasure club'. Underage drinking and marijuana use is extremely prevalent but is generally well hidden, or at least kept secret, to protect Sharon High School's reputation.

Overall, the school system is more challenging than most elite colleges, and even though the kids are self-entitled, the general student body is friendly, well raised, and intelligent. It is a great place to raise kids since the violent crime rate nonexistent; however, most kids will most likely try marijuana at least once. At least, when they walk outside to smoke pot in the middle of the night, the worst that could happen to them will probably involve a woodland creature.
"Sharon, MA is boring as all hell, but I have enough liquor and marijuana, which my parent's money bought, to get me through the night."

"I love Sharon, MA, but I'm not coming back after college."
by misci February 26, 2006
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