When you take a dump that is so big it breaches the top of the water in the bowl.
"Whew, that was a tough one. I just dropped Shaq's Shoe and I feel ten pounds lighter."
by B-Kins December 4, 2008
shoes that you can buy in payless for 19.99
it has the special stitching that says SHAQ on it.
-yo homey G thas some madd ghetto g-unit shoes you got thurr

-thanks g dawg. they say shaq on it.
by beau h ligmen March 20, 2004
When you're on welfare, and yo momma got sell her loose ass so you can eat waffles for supper. These are the shoes you end up wearing. They cost around $10 at Walmart, got fuckin Shaq on them, remember that fool? He was in some shit movie called Kazaam.

Well now he's sellin you his shoes yo. $10. If you wanna look like you're straight off the fucking boat from Somalia, these are your kicks of choice.
You so poor yo momma spread her ass cheeks with no lube just to get you Shaq Shoes, you must be Somalian
by DJ WaffleIron March 9, 2011
Jesse rolled out his new Escalade with new Jesse James Signature Shaq Shoes
by Kevin December 4, 2003