Shane is a character on The L Word who 'Loves 'em and leaves 'em'.
'#1: You haven't pulled a Shane have you?
#2: Yeah.'

'#1: You better not go all Shane on me!
#2: Don't worry I won't.'
by Rebecca Manning March 30, 2008
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a person that thinks he is so awesome, so full of him self that one day he will actually implode from all the bullshit stored inside him
you think your so great, your name must be shane
by ihateshane January 20, 2009
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A shane is a majestic, oftentimes handsome creature that dwells primarily in the continental US but has been known to inhabit the middle east. However, recent research indicates that they are close to extinction overseas. They communicate using fragmented Cantonese and sarcasm and are characterized by their wisdom that reaches only just below the level of a little Asian girl.

Shanes make exceptional companions when tame. One can be caught using a simple snare and a fresh harvest of babies. These creatures are especially useful when in need of some good luvin'.

However, it should be noted that Shanes are not naturally domestic and often possess strength and brutality equating that of a polar bear. Therefore, they should only be handled by a trained professional until deemed fit to enter a family home.
syddaleigh: (to innocent bystander) "This shane outsmarted me, but only because its demeanor makes me nervous"
james_bnd: "Don't worry. I love you and I only want to test you so that you might reach your full potential."
syddaleigh: "Awe, this shane loves me. Urbandictionary was right."
by helovesmeeee July 17, 2009
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An awesome girl who is down right gorgeous and loves to have a good time! She's beautiful on the inside and out. Loves to be around people and make new friends. Watch out guys, this girl will have you wrapped around her finger, so if she likes you, GO FOR IT! Or someone else will! She speaks the truth, very outspoken, and if she hurts you're feelings because she tells the truth, you should get better friends.
Guy 1: Have you met Shane yet?
Guy 2: No...

Guy 3: Maaaannn, you'll fall in love with her smile, laugh... just everything.
by thekittylover11 August 02, 2011
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A person so nice and welcoming. Is always there when u need him and will always cheer u up when u are sad. Is always the best choice for picking a best friend. And no matter what he will keep ur secrets. And he will always love u know matter what!๐Ÿ˜„
Me (alone)
Shane hi are u ok
Me no I'm alone

Shane I'll hang with u!๐Ÿ˜€
by Loverpig54 February 27, 2016
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A man of mystery, (Majestical Master)

Full of surprises. Jekyl and Hyde.

Each day is different when you know a Shane. Loving and attentive on good days. Snappy the Crocodile the next. However its impossible to stop loving him. He will give you guidance in many of lifes challenges, but he is a comedian/illusionist so have a gamble and enjoy the ride.

Shane is addictive... give a little. Take a little.

Somewhere over the rainbow the man will send you if you are lucky enough to meet him.
Shane is a priveledge and must be treated accordingly

Share a drop of heaven.
No gag. No go

And Mine
SHANE (Majestical master ),the one the only pussy whisperer
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by Stunnedmulletfuck March 06, 2018
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Shane a word used for a middle aged 40 year old man who has a history of theft and getting under aged kids drunk for reasons of a sexual nature, a Shane suffers from schizophrenia and is dependent on his parents and others because he dropped out of high school at the age of 17. A shane is delusional and tends to think of their self as a model citizen when the truth is much the opposite, you can tell a shane based on the lack of money and jobs they've had and the lack of independence they display. A shane will usually be in his 40's and spend hours on his computer talking shit about other people to other people who he gives the idea that he's a fully functional adult, in his free time a shane will drink excessively and have fits of rage towards others because he's a filthy lowlife cunt with poor hygienic routines. A shane is a worthless excuse for a human similar to a hobo who drinks too much lives with his mom and gets sex nuts and retard strong for children and teens, if you meet a shane who smells and is short who tells lies all the time punch him in the face.
Girl: Shane got me drunk when i was ten
Guy: wow shane seems like a pedo
Girl: Yeah he only dates my teen friends
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by Timmytrumpet June 10, 2018
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