A boy named Shane has the biggest heart and treats his girlfriends wellbut if he comes across any person he doesn’t like he becomes extremely hurtfulto others and when he ends a relationship with his girlfriends he tries to make their life a living hell . Is racist trying to be funny. Really sexy and attracts lots of women. Manwhore
by Shame on you December 11, 2017
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An unbelievably funny guy who will sweep you off of your feet. He's so amazing that you can spend 9 1/2 hours straight talking to him the first time you meet him. He is hotter than a god and everyone knows it (but won't admit it). If a Shane shows interest in you make him your #1 priority and don't let him go.💗
This guy is unbelievably god like...he is such a Shane
by Betucantguesswhoitis May 01, 2017
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This guy will never give up on the girl he loves, even if you lose contact with him be it for a few day a few weeks or a few months don't give up on your relationship/friendship because he wont. and a bonus he's intelligent, fit and great in the sac
Social Network Chat
Girl: hay long time no chat..
Shane: hay yeah i know been too long
Girl:yeah must be like 2 months right.?
Shane:39 days. i missed you everyday.
by the girl you always loved July 14, 2011
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A Shane is typically a person of Caucasian descent. Shanes tend to be small slow-witted and lack the needed skills to take care of their personal needs such as hygiene, and independent life skills such as holding a job and moderating alcoholic intake. Shanes also tend to be thieves and lack understanding of boundaries, they will even steal from family and try to hit on relatives wives because no one wants their greasy asses. Shanes will usually be found drinking drawing and looking at pornography some of which is the vilest and disgusting of any nature.
"Girl 1 : hey have you seen shane ? "
"Girl 2: Yeah I just saw him walking that way with his back pack"
"Girl 1: OMG Shane just stole all my jewelery "
"Girl 2: How do you know it was him ? "
"Girl 1: Its Shane think about it"
by Ruths1984 January 28, 2017
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I naughty little hobbit like creature that walks around slightly bent over and hobbles like a duck. He dwells in dark area's on the hunt for meat.

This creature is dangerous and should be avoided or he may take your jewels.
Watch out! I see Shane!!
by rubrub June 28, 2010
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