The queen of YouTube I said what I said and that’s the tea sis ☕️
Sentence Example: Bad Teacher - “Who is the queen of YouTube?”
Student - “Easy, Shane Dawson DUHHH!!”
by ______shanedawsonisawholemood January 11, 2019
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The queen himself. Almost everyone stans Shane cuz he is a queen periodT.
Someone: Who is the queen of-?
Me: Of you tube? Shane dawson, Shane fucking Dawson.
by Moonwalker_forever December 18, 2018
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a fat f*ck

just kidding a very nice man who eats a lot of food on the internet lol
me- have u seen a youtuber called shane dawson

other person- no but she seems like a nice lady

me- yea she does doesn't she
by ThisIsBob97 February 17, 2019
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a group of a bunch of iconic asses/ detectives that include kaylee, sydney, reagan, katelyn, and rissa. they are all best friends and love each other endlessly. they are all beautiful, amazing and funny.
the shane dawsons gc is a gc that has a bunch of iconic teens that love each other to death
by wooowoooowoooo September 26, 2018
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fucking your or another ones cat
*friend catches me fucking a cat*
Friend: are you pulling a shane dawson?
Me: No, it isnt what it looks like
by Infinitythereal July 22, 2021
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