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Shaftesbury School Sixth Form is the highest possible echelon of the school situated on an isolated hilltop somewhere in deepest darkest Dorset. It was founded in 1086 by a garden gnome named Hyke Mayez. He established Shaftesbury School Sixth Form on a rigorous principle of binge drinking, and survived for a millennium, eating nothing but the remains of rodents found in E-block and drinking Scotch Whisky.

When Hyke Mayez discovered Rwanda on Wikipedia, he attempted to colonise it. He flew over allegedly on the back of a silver stalk, and proclaimed himself to be the 'bearded God who delivers onself on silver bird'. His mission was a failure, but he would continue to embark on such endeavours 'till the end of his reign. His proponents admire him for providing a week in Africa, and hence, something to write on a personal statement and an opportunity to look good doing charity work, whilst doing nothing. (But shedding fake tears and depleting the local water supply.) His detractors criticise him for the somewhat misplaced sense of morality on his so called 'mission to Rwanda' - Seeming as the money it costs to organise the trip, would be far more beneficial to the people of Rwanda than the presence of teenagers from the Sixth Form.

In Recent years Hyke Mayez, was challenged to a duel by a local baker, of which he lost. On victory, the baker acquired the position of Head of Sixth Form, and all the paperwork Mayez didn't complete during his reign.
Person 1: I went to Shaftesbury School Sixth Form.

Person 2: What's that?
by dotseven.7/1991 February 16, 2012
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