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When you’re fat and still look sexy
Girl A: “Do you see that guy’s body?
Girl B: “Yeah, he’s sexy fat. Thick and sexy
by boxofcats July 30, 2018
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–adjective, Pronunciation: sek-see faa-t (sěk'sē faa't)

Applicable only to a woman's body, the term is concerned predominantly or excessively about having fat at the right places. Sexy fat can be characterized by large bosom, pleasing curves, wider hips and a round booty. It gives women a strong sexual appeal which simply put- makes women voluptuous. While the term baby fat is actually used as an excuse, or to mitigate teenagers and pre-teenagers as the cause of being a fatass and usually associated with denial, the term "sexy fat" refers to all those attractive curves, specs and premium features male species tend to look for in females. It is like stock/factory bodykits found in some sports cars- they make the cars widers and enhances the looks and their attractiveness. Sexy fat is one of the reasons behind a 36-26-36 female figure and never fails to provide visual pleasure or delight to men as well as lesbians alike. It is always sensuously pleasing and alluring to the eyes and women with the perfect amount of sexy fat possess the power to arouse sexual interests in the minds of the opposite sex and has the ability to draw or pull men towards them.
The girl with sexy fat in highschool you always wanted to fuck (had wet dreams about) but never could as she was always hanging out with older n cute guys who you were jealous of.
juicy barmaids, attractive milfs having sexy fat, JLo's ass, voluptuous woman, sexy waitresses, the girls who appeared in Nelly's uncensored Tip Drill music video.
by Anilka February 04, 2009
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