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A guy who legal changed his name to Sexy Vegan & tattooed it on his forehead & chest in Skin Candy vegan tattoo ink. got famous via viral Dr. Phil episodes who has since decided to run for President in 2020. He is known for walking around wearing nothing but a speedo while carrying a full length mirror. On his 1st Dr. Phil he made his entrance singing "I am The Beautiful Vegan Messiah" which become a meme and moonwalked out, used profanity and shook his butt at Dr Phil and was kicked off the set & he appeared again and apologized. He is also a singer/songwriter with 2 albums on Spotify & iTunes titled "Ending World Suffering The Fun Way" (28 Track Acapella) & "Eat Ass, Not Animals" (12 track multi-genre, mostly hip hop). He named his butt Delicious Vegan and his dog's name is Cute Vegan. His website is & The 2nd redirects to the first and Chris Brown posted Sexy singing his song Skinny w/a Big Butt to his Instagram on 12/3/17 & sang some himself, Pewdiepie has made a video on Sexy & Sexy Vegan made a video with Logan Paul that is on his site and youtube channel. Sexy Vegan is currently banned from Instagram.
by Dr Phil Good August 19, 2018
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Got famous from Dr. Phil because of antics of singing "I am The Beautiful Vegan Messiah", moonwalking, etc. Also has released music and is running for president. Sexy Vegan is his legal name and he has it tattooed on his face and chest and is known for wearing speedos and carrying a full length mirror.
Sexy Vegan makes his grand entrance on Dr. Phil by raising his hand and singing "I am The Beautiful Vegan Messiah!"
by Iggy Azalea's Butthole August 22, 2018
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A gay fuckboy that appears on Dr Phil because he has issues
Sexy vegans dick cannot be seen with the naked eye
by Sir Savage January 10, 2018
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The legal name of an American Singer/Songwriter who released a revolutionary first album that changed the game forever titled "Ending World Suffering The Fun Way" in 2018 which is a 28 track acapella album available on Spotify, itunes & more with such instant classics as "Died In Ur Ass 2nite", "Don't Use Dog Poo Bags Son", "Establish A New Normal", "Skinny w/a Big Butt", "The Delicious Butthole of Iggy" & much more. He has appeared on The Dr. Show show twice with the 2nd time set to air March 1st 2018. He is filing to officially run for president in 2020 under a new party he is creating called "The Freedom Party". He does NOT drink, smoke or use any drugs. He is the first male celebrity famous for his butt. He does NOT use toilet paper but water to clean which is sings about in his song "Kissable Cheeks, Lickable Hole" & his butt has no unpleasant smell even after sticking a 4 inch booty call booty rocket in his delicious butthole. For this reason & the fact that he shaves his entire body including his butthole he named his butt Delicious Vegan. At the age of 26 he scored the highest score in Hot or Not history after 327 females rated his looks...that score was 9.9 out of 10. He is noted for not using dog poo bags because he doesn't want to trap insects, cause stink & fill up landfills. He doesn't use soap because it paralyzes insects & causes irritation to skin as well as causes disease.
Sexy Vegan puts the ass in classy.
by Dante Bish February 09, 2018
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