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A phrase used to describe Denholm Reynholm owner of Reynholm Industries on IT Crowd.

A boss that speaks about women in an unsavory fashion.
Jen: " should hear the way he talks about women"
Roy: "yeah, he's some piece of work. He's like a sexy Hitler."
by jdjones888 October 14, 2010
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Remove penis from anus during anal intercourse. Make sure that the penis has a bit of feces on the tip. You may need to go back in deeper to get a sufficient amount of fecal matter on the tip of the penis. Once you have a good amount of fecal matter, you then touch the upper lip of your partner, making sure not to smear, to get a perfect Hitler style mustache.

You can then enjoy the sight, or you can touch lip to lip to provide yourself with a Sexy Hitler too. That is called a Dueling Hitler.
That Sexy Hitler looked great! I wanted to look awesome, so I gave her a lite kiss to transfer one to me too. Our Dueling Hitlers were the talk of the club.
by Seattle Hammer Man October 10, 2018
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