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Example: Mrs Calver is a sexist teacher towards men. in Mrs Calvers class a boy found a pink pencil on the ground so he and asked the girl infront of him if it was her's then the girl gave the middle finger so the boy told the teacher (Mrs Calver) what the girl did to him in response Mrs Calver gave the boy a detention for bothering the girl the boy then tested Mrs Calver 2 weeks later by getting one of his friends how was a girl to get a pencil and asking if it was his so the boy gave the girl the middle finger then the girl told Mrs Calver about what the boy did and then Mrs Calver sent the boy to the principal and the boy got a 1 day suspension.
I have a Sexist Teacher me and sally got the same ansers but she got a higher mark on the test.
by Mrs Calver can die May 09, 2018
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